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My Story

I grew up loving words, language, and rules … rules that I created and demanded my friends all follow.  That concept morphed into a hyper sense of fairness and fighting for the underdog by middle and high school.

Writing had always been a quiet background throughout my childhood and adolescence but it was in college that I developed a need to write.  The angst and turmoil and growing up all became the fuel for my poetry and short stories.  I had a published poem in college and from then on, I was hooked.  Hooked on seeing my name in print yes, but hooked on conveying my thoughts and sharing them.

Now I have had a short story award, a number of poetry readings, and have started the self publishing route.  I am very excited by the direction my work and focus have taken and I look forward to sharing more with you.



Click on the images to see the works I am currently working on.

Click on the images to see the works I have completed.





The Poeta Project

Poetry and Art and Poetry


The Poeta Project started as a way to inspire and drive my own writing by using works of art I found interesting.  I expanded this to incorporate artists and other poets into the project. 
The Poeta Project opened at the Buffalo Arts Studio October 2019.


TAG:  A Poeta Project opened at the Burchfield Penney March 2021

Excerpted from “Duck”


I look at you

like I look at the sun.

which is to say,

not at all,

I look away.


~Poem by Karen Eckert,

part of the Poem-Art Pairing with Peter Sowiski

from The Poeta Project by Karen Eckert

Echo Through Me in publication!

Echo Through Me, a book in publication through Rock, Paper, Safety Scissors Publishing, is now available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  The work features Karen’s poetry from the first round of The Poeta Project with the accompanying artwork.  

The Poeta Project:  Now a Grant Winner as of November 2018!

The Pollination Project saw Karen Eckert’s vision and awarded her the November 2018 grant for the Poeta Project.  As a direct result of this funding, Karen was able to make Poeta a reality.

News and Media

TAG:  A Poeta Project opens at the Burchfield Penney!

The second round of Poeta showcases at the Burchfield Penney Art Center March 12, 2021 – June 27, 2021 and features established artists and poets, including Karen Eckert.

The Poeta Project: Featured in October 2019 Issue of Buffalo Spree!

Buffalo Spree magazine generously featured Karen Eckert’s Poeta Project in October of 2019.  

The Poeta Project Group Show at Buffalo Arts Studio!

Buffalo Arts Studio hosted the Poeta Project group show October 4 to November 1st, 2019  with an M&T First Friday reception on Friday October 25.