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My Story

Who knew writing about yourself is the hardest writing of all?

I grew up loving words, language, and rules … rules that I created and demanded my friends all follow.  That concept morphed into a hyper sense of fairness and fighting for the underdog by middle and high school.

Writing had always been a quiet background throughout my childhood and adolescence but it was in college that I developed a need to write.  The angst and turmoil and growing up all became the fuel for my poetry and short stories.  I had a published poem in college and from then on, I was hooked.  Hooked on seeing my name in print yes, but hooked on conveying my thoughts and sharing them.

Now I have had a short story award, a number of poetry readings, and have started the self publishing route.  I am very excited by the direction my work and focus have taken and I look forward to sharing more with you.



Click on the images to see the works I am currently working on.

Click on the images to see the works I have completed.





News and Media

The Poeta Project:  Now a Grant Winner as of November 2018!

Phase One is a collaborative project between myself, as the poet, and 22 other artists.  Each artist will receive one of my original poems and will be asked to create a unique artwork based on their interpretation of my poem.  In turn, each artist will provide me with a unique artwork and I will write an original poem based on my interpretation of the piece. The poems and corresponding artwork will be shown in a group exhibition.  

Click to learn more and see how you can help.