Active Shooter Training Part 1
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Active Shooter Training Part 1

Active Shooter Training Part 1

This is probably the hardest post I’ve written to date. I posted some comments to a friend with the advice I have been taught, learned, trained on in an active shooter situation. I am sharing everything I know below so that those of you who don’t receive training, may find something useful to use and share.
Some really brief things I can suggest:
~always have a plan and practice it,
~make sure you know the sight lines of the room you are in, if you can see out, they can see you.
~even doors that are propped open should be locked so you can quickly shut them,
~know your hiding spaces (under or behind desks, etc).
~In the case of an active shooter, lock your door and hide.
~ HIDE, RUN. then FIGHT You hide first. If you feel it’s safe to run, run and get out. If you encounter them, and you aren’t shot immediately, fight.
~if you have to fight, you don’t stop fighting until someone pulls you off of them. Throw chairs, kick, punch, etc. you may be hurt by the shooter, even shot yes, but you will buy others time and you may distract them enough that someone can see you and help.
~Have a fire extinguisher at your desk so if the shooter enters your office / room, you spray that fucker in the face. They can’t see or breathe and then you hit that fucker with the can until someone stops you.
~DON’T stop fighting once you start.
~if there is active gunfire around you, get low and get bloody. Play dead but if there is someone bleeding near you, use that and make yourself look good and dead so they will walk on by.
~When the police enter, they will and they must ignore those that are bleeding, suffering, dying around you to get to the shooter.
~If you are fighting, (or really in any situation), understand that the police are there to take out the shooter. While you are fighting, shout your name and who you are, shout what you are doing to alert those around you, hands fucking UP when the police enter.
~Lastly, tattle-tale. If something looks weird, feels weird, or someone is acting weird, tell everyone until someone credible checks it out.

These are suggestions. I am not an expert. I have been trained yearly by state troopers, for what that’s worth. It is nice hearing things from their perspective so you know what to expect on their end. Love you all.

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