Active Shooter Training Part 2
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Active Shooter Training Part 2

Active Shooter Training Part 2

Karen’s Unofficial Active Shooter Training Part 2:
Feeling helpless and want to do something?
Email the Board of Ed, Superintendent, PTA, and all principals in your district and demand the following:
1. All classroom doors be locked and shut throughout the day.
2. All doors to the outside be locked and shut and checked multiple times a day to make certain they are not propped open (teachers with classrooms near them, custodial staff, aides, etc can do this easily).
3. Make sure your district has a policy that no one holds a door open for anyone coming into the building and make sure that there is only one entrance for people coming in.
4. At that one entrance, there should be a camera and intercom with someone nearby stationed to check id via camera, ask the person to open their bag, purse and jacket all on camera, and only then allow that person into the building.
5. Demand that your district have an SRO officer on duty at all times. This is an armed policeman who’s job it is to work with troubled youth and help monitor the buildings. My guess is that your district had one at one point and defunded the program.
6. Demand that your school have a social worker and a psychologist on staff.
7. Demand locker checks frequently and no book bags carried around throughout the day.
8. No, we don’t arm teachers. Just stop it. But yes, support us. Stop trying to cut our unions and our salaries, stop voting against your school budget. Demand more out of your school and support it. You want us to educate, protect, feed, nurture, exercise, support, fix your children but you don’t support us.
9. Email teacher colleges and demand that more psych courses and teacher training on bullying / loners / anti-social children is addressed. Make sure teaches are aware of the warning signs and are not afraid to address it early.

They knew he was going to come back and shoot people at that school in Florida. They knew. So lastly,
10. CHANGE the gun laws! I am not anti-gun. Hunters have a valued place in society because otherwise the deer population would cause thousands of car accidents. But we change rules all the time. You need ID to get sudafed, you take your shoes off in an airport, NO ONE needs an assault rifle! Email and demand your representatives cut the shit and enact legislation to change the requirements for getting a gun and what kinds of guns you can get.

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