Slim Newton
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Slim Newton


     Slim Newton was the first full length novel I have ever completed.  The idea came to me when I found a book of mine from when I was younger.  Inside the book was a pressed flower, a salvia.  I thought of how a little girl could find that and learn the story of her father, in turn, learning the story of herself.

     Salvia Newton is in many ways a girl like I was… we both volunteered for a therapeutic riding center, we both had a crush on the wrong boy, and we were both bullied.  But Salvia developed a strength and courage much faster than I did, overcoming her fears and finding her way.

     This young adult novel will soon be in print by self publishing.  Please email me if you would like to be on the pre-order list:

“Salvia, really. It’s time to get up,” my mom sighs, standing in my doorway. She’s a 40 something athletic woman with shoulder length brown hair. Okay, you know the kind, it’s not brown and shoulder length; it’s chestnut and cascading. She’s not just athletic, she runs a marathon 5 times a year… yep, that’s my mom. And she’s standing in my doorway demanding the unthinkable. That I wake up and face the first day of 9th grade.”  ~Slim Newton by Karen Eckert