by Karen Eckert | Works in Progress
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Works in Progress

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Poetry has come and gone throughout my life.  At times, words form in a flurry and I can’t write them down fast enough.  Other times, words live up in the clouds and I am forced to wait until they rain down again.

Dinner Date

Playing God

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to commit a crime… and know you can get away with it?  In Playing God, Julie, a never married high powered attorney is dealt with horrible news… and decides to take action.


Casting a Long Shadow

This book is a compilation of stories…stories from women showing their vulnerability and their strength.  Showing that they fight heroically and humbly.  Showing that they hurt, and suffer, and endure.


Excerpt from Casting a Long Shadow

     …My role was the comedic relief from the torturous years that are 5th and 6th grade.  I crawled my way up from gawky, glasses wearing Barbie playing daughter to a girl who emerged on the edges of the popular crowd.  This group, these girls, were wild.  The swearing, drinking, the hidden under the bed vhs tape of porn while huddled on her parent’s bed, eating hot dogs with cheese inside, one ear listening for when the parents were coming back… these girls were wild and I was hooked. 

     When you alienate everyone except those in your circle, you end up finding out what real isolation is.  The first time these wild girls turned on me, I was unprepared.  Maybe it was my lack of dance classes when we acted out Madonna videos.  Maybe it was my nerdy innocence.  But, the first time they shunned me, refusing to speak to me, pretending they couldn’t hear me, glaring angrily if I tried to sit at my heretofore usual spot in the cafeteria, I understood that I was alone.  I understood that a girl can be unseen.  She can be invisible.   

Published Works

Click here to see my completed, published works.  All works can be purchased on

Published Works